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According to the latest Indian Meteorological Department data, the rainfall so far had been 38% below normal. India had received only 70.9 mm rainfall until June 23 in the south-west monsoon, against a long-period average of 114.2 mm for the period.

The monsoon was also a week late than usual, according to this data.

Odisha and Lakshadweep subdivisions have recorded “normal” rainfall. While Jammu Kashmir and East Rajasthan recorded “excess” rainfall, the Andaman and Nicobar Islands registered rainfall under the “large excess” category.

The late monsoons and deficit rainfall, have already affected farmers. Parts of India, are experiencing heat wave and are also expecting drought.

“There must not be any delay in the declaration of drought. Instead of waiting for the end of the monsoon, drought must be declared in all those districts where sowing has been severely affected owing to 50% or greater deficit in June,” said the All India Kisan Sangharsh Coordination Committee , a platform of over 200 farmers’ groups to The Hindu.


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