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US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo and S Jaishankar addressed the media in a joint press conference on Wednesday. The joint statement emphasised the agenda and common goals of the US-India strategic partnership.

Jaishankar said that India and the United States have a strategic partnership and that is actually based on deep and broad convergence which has been steadily growing over last many years.

“We discussed a number of bilateral and global issues, on terrorism, I took the opportunity to express our appreciation for the strong support that we have received from the Trump administration, what we say is really zero tolerance for cross border terrorism,” he said.

Addressing the trade disputes, Pompeo said, ” I’ve never found a partner ally no matter how close, where we didn’t have places where we’ve to work through things. We’ve endeavoured to make sure that our countries can provide security for itself, want India to be able to do that too.”

“We all know that Iran is the world’s largest state sponsor of terror and Indian people have suffered from terror around the world. We have a shared understanding of the threat and a common purpose to ensure that we can keep the energy at right prices and deter this threat,” Pompeo said.

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