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Kollywood films have decided to avoid ‘rain effect’ shots owing to the severe water crisis in the state. Producers have decided to either avoid such scenes or go in for miniature shower techniques.

“Rain effect shots are now avoided,” filmmaker G Dhananjayan said to PTI. He added that water tankers do not cater to the film industry, given the acute shortage situation. “Using so much water is also a criminal waste and people realize it. There is awareness,” he told.

Still, if showers are indispensable for the movie,” rather than showing rains drenching a whole building, the same effect is now created by producing a spectacle of rain through a window. This may only require a bucket of water,” the film maker, who is also the director of Blue Ocean Film and Television Academy (BOFTA) here said.

On rain effect shots, he said, “It sets the tone, creates the mood and it is a character by itself in movies.”

“Many years ago, rain shots were routinely used in romantic shots and showers were a fixture then for such moods. Now things have changed and directors have scaled down its use, confining rains only to situations where it is really needed,” said General Secretary of the Indo Cine Appreciation Foundation, E. Thangaraj.

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