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Priyanka Gandhi , Congress General Secretary said on Thursday that she had the “deepest respect” for her brother Rahul Gandhi’s decision.

Rahul had submitted his resignation letter and had asked the party to find a replacement soon. The letter was made public through his official Twitter handle.

“Few have the courage that you do,” Priyanka Gandhi tweeted, tagging her brother and sharing the tweet in which he announced his decision. “Deepest respect for your decision.”

In the letter, Rahul Gandhi had taken responsibility of the defeat the party had in the recently concluded Lok Sabha elections.

“Accountability is critical for the future growth of our party,” he said. “It is for this reason that I have resigned as Congress president.”

However , the senior leaders of congress had refused to accept Rahul’s resignation and had urged him to continue in the position.

Senior Congress members, however, said Rahul Gandhi would continue to be their leader despite officially resigning as party president.

Rahul Gandhi had offered to step down as Congress president on May 25 right after the elections.

Though the Congress Working Committee unanimously rejected his resignation, Gandhi remained firm on his decision.

On Monday, Rahul Gandhi met the chief ministers of the five Congress-led states, who asked him to reconsider his decision.

Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot had said they were hoping for a “positive decision” after the meeting.

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