Vyttila Petrol Pump. File Photo. July 9.
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The petrol price hike has severely affected the lives of common people. Yesterday central govt. had again increased the price of petrol by rupees 2.50. People from all strata of the society are struggling to manage their day to day budget.

“It’s difficult for us to manage. We are planning to switch to public transport. Earlier, I could manage two to three days with petrol worth Rs. 50. These days it is very difficult to manage a day with petrol worth Rs. 80.”

Responding to The Woke Journal, Biju, petroleum logistics teacher said, “I think the price hike is because of some international problems. Anyhow, when the crude oil price was $100 petrol price was about 30 to 40. But now it is below $90. The prices of petrol and crude oil are not in proportion.” he added.

According to Jaya, a homemaker, “When the price of petrol increase, it will directly affect the bus fare and LPG cots”.

“Cost of Petrol is increasing day by day. while I get a hike in salary only once in three years,” asked Shinoj, working in a pharmaceutical company.

“I have been working here for three years. Within the span, the total price hike was 15 rupees. When the price goes up it increases a lot, while when it reduces, it is mostly a 10 paisa reduction” Anila, working in a petrol pump at Vytila said to The Woke Journal.

Vivek, young professional working at a vehicle showroom in Vytila also expressed the same opinion. He also added that the petrol hike never affects the market of vehicles including Bullets.

The price hike mostly affects the middle-class people who are struggling to make the two ends meet.

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