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Today, Apple released the second public beta version of iOS 13 and iPadOS for participants in its public beta program. If you have already launched the first public beta on your iPhone or iPad, this release should appear as a software update on the wireless network very soon, if it has not already been done.

If you want to check it manually, go to “Settings” > “About Programs” > “Software Updates”.

If you’re using a stable version of iOS but want to try the beta version, visit the Apple website to register the beta version of the program to your device.┬áJust keep in mind that mistakes are inevitable, so you probably shouldn’t go this way on your main device.

The FaceView Attention Correction feature, which appeared in the developer preview build last week, is now built in public beta too, so you can avoid “don’t see camera” video calls using some automatic filtering. In addition, iOS 13 improves anonymous stability.

iPad OS comes with a new animation designed to help you track active split view windows, as well as full-page screenshots.

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