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The search for the fisherman who went missing near GoShree bridge on Monday evening concluded on the third day as the body was found near Njarakkal area on Wednesday. Bhageerathan, 52 a resident of Azheekkal went missing on Monday evening. He had gone for fishing along with his friend Sarin.

“Both of them went fishing during heavy rains on Monday. It was then the boat capsized Sarin managed to hang on a pole and hence escaped. However, Bhageerathan drowned. The Navy searched here for 3 days, however, couldn’t find the body,” said Liji, who runs a shop at Vypeen to The Woke Journal.

“Wasn’t it heavily raining on Monday evening? They had gone for fishing then and both of them didn’t know swimming. Sarin is hospitalised now, ” said Sadiq who works at Kochi Harbour.

As the boat capsized, Sarin managed to hang on to a pole and was rescued by fellow fishermen. Bhageerathan got exhausted, lost the grip and drowned. Though Fire and Rescue Service personnel conducted a search, it remained futile. Following this, Navy also conducted a search on Monday, however, couldn’t find him.

The body was finally found from Njarakkal region.


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