Container Parking In Container Road, Kochi File Photo, 09/07/19
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Police should interfere to stop the illegal parking of lorries in the container road, demands the residents in Kochi. The accidents taking place here has become an everyday affair.

Many times, the body of the container, without the engine, is parked in this road causing several accidents.

“Those vehicles do not have any kind of reflectors and this leads to road accidents in the night. Around 64 people have died already in road accidents,” said the auto drivers in the area to The Woke Journal.

They demanded a complete ban on container parking.

The lack of street lights in the road was pointed out as the major reason for the accidents here. Apparently, the bike riders cannot see the containers parked on the road leading to accidents. People demanded that strict action against this tendency.

When containers go through the bridge, it destroys the tar and the road caves in.

People around the area suggests that the implementation of street lights, medium reflectors, and service roads as measures to reduce accidents. Collecting troll from vehicles also could solve the problem, as per residents.

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