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Following is one of the poems, for which an FIR has been registered against 10 people, mostly Bengal-origin Muslim Assamese poets and activists who write in a dialect colloquially called the ‘Miya’ dialect.

 Write Down I Am A Miya-Hafiz Ahmed

Write down
I am a Miya
My serial number in NRC is 200543
I have two children
Another is coming
In the next summer,
would you hate him
As you hate me?
I am a Miya
I turned waste, Marshy land,
To green paddy field,
To feed you,
I carry brick
To build your building,
Drive your car
For your comfort,
I clean your drain,
To keep you healthy.
I have always been
In your service
Even then
you are dissatisfied!

write Down
I am a Miya,
A citizen of a democratic, secular, Republic
Without any right,
My mother has been made a D voter,
Though her parents are Indian,
If you wish you can kill me, drive me away from my village,
Snatch away my green field,
The Roller of you
Can roll over me,
Your bullets
Can shatter my breast,
Without any punishment.

I am a Miya
living on the Brahamaputra
Tolerating your torture,
My body has turned black,
My eyes red with fire.

Be Aware!
I have nothing but anger in stock.
keep away!
Turn to Ashes.

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