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Union Minister Nitin Gadkari on Tuesday said that people will have to pay tolls if they are expecting good services. He also made clear that the toll system would stay for the government does not have enough funds to pave roads on their own.

He was responding in a discussion in Lok Sabha regarding the demands for grants for the Road Transport and Highways ministry

Replying to a discussion on demands for grants for the in the Lok Sabha, he said the government built 40,000 kilometres of highway in the last five years.

Gadkari said money collected through toll from those areas which have the capacity to pay are utilised for building roads in rural and hilly areas.

“Toll zindagi bar band nahi ho sakta… kam zyaada ho saktha hai. Toll ka jaanamdata mein ho… (Toll system can never end though rates may vary from time to time. The toll system is my brainchild,” Gadkari said.

“If you want good services, you have to pay for it. The government does not have money…,” he stressed.

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