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A four-story building collapsed in Mumbai taking the lives of 10 people. The Kesarbai building on Tandel Street in Dongri collapsed yesterday around 11.40 am. Rescuers were searching for several others feared trapped in the rubble.“The building crashed with a heavy sound and we thought there was an earthquake,” a local resident told the New Delhi Television news channel.

“The problem is that the building is in a very narrow lane,” said S.N. Pradhan, head of the National Disaster Response Force. “It is only one to two feet wide. NDRF vehicles with rescue equipment can’t get to the building. So the team has marched on foot to the site and has carried all the rescue equipment needed to the site on their own.”

“As per the initial information I have received, around 15 families are feared trapped in the collapse,” said Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis. “The building is around 100 years old. The entire focus is on rescuing the people trapped. The investigation will be done.” he added.

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