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New York:

Hollywood actor Morgan J Freeman fired off a string of tweets lashing out at US President Donald Trump. He referred to Trump as an “American Zero.”

Morgan was responding to the issue where President Donald Trump, told four Democrat politicians to “go back” to the “crime-infested places” they came from. However, only one of them Ilhan Omar was born outside the United States.

“Ilhan is an American Hero. DonaldTrump is an American Zero,” Morgan wrote on Twitter

“I’ve been around a few closeted White Supremacists who are now “out” because of Trump. Every time I’d bring up a policy that ignores non-Whites, they say “You can leave.” It’s the oldest, lamest trick in the racist book. But it tells us a lot! #RacistInChief,” he wrote in another tweet.

He also added that when a spineless senate supports a racist president, there’s nothing the Dem-controlled House can do to push forward policies that protect all Americans and not just WHITE Americans.

“We refuse to go back to our darkest days, despite you calling them GREAT,” he wrote.

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