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Madhya Pradesh:

In a unanimous decision, the Madhya Pradesh Assembly increased OBC reservation from 14 per cent to 27 per cent on Tuesday. The Madhya Pradesh Lok Seva (Anusuchit Jatiyon, Anusuchit Jan Jatiyon aur Anya Pichhade Vargon ke Liye Arakshan) Amendment Bill, 2019, will increase the reservation.

MP till today had a quota in government jobs capped at 50% — 14% for Other Backward Classes (OBCs), 16% for Scheduled Castes (SCs) and 20% for Scheduled Tribes (STs)—in line with Supreme Court’s 1992 guidelines.

Minister for general administration, Govind Singh, suggested that his government was following in the footsteps of states like Tamil Nadu.

“When we saw there were states like Tamil Nadu which had introduced reservation (for SC/ST/OBC) ranging from 67% to 73% without violating the Supreme Court guideline, then we thought it could be done in Madhya Pradesh also,” said the minister.

Leader of the Opposition in the state assembly, Gopal Bhargava, demanded separate reservations for “the affluent” and “the non-affluent” amongst the OBCs. He claimed that the “affluent OBCs” had a major share of government jobs while their poorer counterparts didn’t get employed even as peons and where therefore worse-off than even the Scheduled Tribes in the state. The minister agreed that two economic classes within the OBCs existed and indicated that he may consider separate reservations for them in future.

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