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Defence Minister Rajnath Singh on Saturday responded on Kashmir issue.

“Problem of Kashmir will get solved. No power in the world can stop it. If somebody does not want a solution through talks, then we know very well how a solution can be found,” Singh said after inaugurating the Ujh bridge constructed by the Border Road Organisation (BRO) here.

Addressing a press conference after inaugurating the bridge, Singh said the state of Jammu and Kashmir will be free from the menace of terrorism, India Today reported.

“People who are running a movement in Kashmir, if they want a solution through it, I appeal to them to at least sit and talk once, to understand what is the issue; what are the problems; so they could be solved together,” he said.

“Yes. There is no doubt about that. The state will be free from terrorism. The world community is getting together to combat terrorism. I believe that Jammu and Kashmir will get rid of terrorism and the entire world will get rid of it,” Rajnath Singh said when asked if he thinks the state will be free from terrorism.

When asked about the ceasefire violations by Pakistan, the minister said: “Have faith in the country’s leadership, Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Have faith in the jawans-officers of our military. We won’t breach your trust.”

Complimenting the BRO for the construction of the bridge, the Defence Minister said: “I believe that demand for the construction of this bridge was being made by the residents of this area for a long time. People were facing a lot of difficulties. BRO DG also said that this is the longest bridge ever constructed by BRO. This bridge will help people in the way that they won’t have to travel longer distances. I congratulate BRO for it.”

Earlier in the day, Singh visited the Kargil War Memorial in Drass to here and paid tributes to soldiers who laid down their lives in 1999 war with Pakistan, reported by India Today.

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