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Justice V Chitambaresh, a sitting judge of the Kerala High Court, recently courted controversy by glorifying brahmins and their virtues, reported India Today.

In his speech at the Tamil Brahmin’s Global Meet held on Friday, Justice V Chitambaresh listed out the features of being a brahmin, according to Bar and Bench.

He said, “Now who is a brahmin? A brahmin is dwijhanmana – twice-born…Because of poorvajanmasuhridham, he is twice-born.”

He further went on to say that a brahmin had all the good qualities that one could list.
“He has got certain distinct characteristics: clean habits, lofty thinking, sterling character, mostly a vegetarian, a lover of Carnatic music. All good qualities rolled into one is a brahmin,” Justice V Chitambaresh said, all the while claiming that he was not expressing any opinion because he is holding a constitutional post.

Justice V Chitambaresh also asked the Brahmin community to protest against caste-based reservation.
“It is time for you to deliberate as to whether the reservation should be on the basis of community or caste alone. Occupying a constitutional post, it may not be proper for me to express any opinion – I am not expressing my opinion at all. But I am only kindling your interest or reminding you that there is a platform for you to agitate or to voice your concern about economic reservation alone, and not caste or communal reservation,” Justice V Chitambaresh said.

Justice V Chitambaresh also emphasised on the need for the Brahmin society to not let anyone ‘sideline members of the community’ and hoped that the global meet will help unite members across the globe and exchange ideas between them, India Today reported.

“A Brahmin is never communal, he is always considerate, he is an ahimsavadi (non-violent person),” he claimed

He said, “He loves people, he is one who liberally donates for any laudable cause. Such a person should always be at the helm of affairs for which this Tamil Brahmin meet will definitely be a turning point.”

Justice Chitambaresh is an alumnus of the Government Law College in Thiruvananthapuram. Chitambaresh was sworn-in as an additional judge of the Kerala High Court in November 2011. In December 2012, he became a permanent judge, reported India Today.

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