The meeting held at district collectorate, (Courtesy: Facebook/Ernakulam District Collector)
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Are you a student in Kochi who is dependent on private buses for travel? Are you repeatedly ill-treated by the workers on the bus? Kochi district authorities have a solution for you.

The friendly bus is an initiative that tries to convert Kochi into a student-friendly bus district. The initiative was unveiled by district collector Suhas yesterday. There had been recurrent complaints from students and parents on a lot of issues like students not given seats, denied entry and not providing them with a concession.

The initiative is aimed at monitoring and solving such issues.

“Students, who are facing issues and have complaints about private buses can text their complaints to the WhatsApp number 8281998933. Once we receive a complaint it would be forwarded to the association of which it is a part of and the owner of the bus would be warned. If in case of multiple complaints or if it is being repeated, the RTO office will look into it and take the required action,” explained RTO Jojy P Jose to The Woke Journal.

Complaints once filed will be solved within a week. The district administration is also planning to provide counselling sessions for bus employers in the wake of recurring complaints.

“This is a good initiative. We do face all kinds of problems from private buses. Since we give the concession amount, we are not permitted to sit even if there are many empty seats. It is more like they take vengeance on us,” says Aditi, a school student.

The initiative has already received more than 50 complaints, in a day and has decided to investigate 5 serious offences of the fifty filed.

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