Life convict in Rajiv Gandhi murder case S. Nalini, ( Screen grab courtesy: Deccan Chronicle)
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S. Nalini, 52, one of the seven life convicts in the Rajiv Gandhi assassination case, was released on a month’s parole on Thursday, to make arrangements for her London-based daughter’s wedding. Amidst tight security, Nalini stepped out of the women’s prison in Thorapadi, in Vellore at 10 a.m. and was escorted to a police vehicle, The Hindu reported.

She reached Pulavar Nagar in Rangapuram, Vellore, where she will stay for the period of her leave in a house belonging to a functionary of the Dravida Iyakka Tamizhar Peravai. The arrangements for her stay were finalized a fortnight ago, The Hindu reported.

Since her arrest in May 1991, Nalini has come out on parole only twice — both confined to under a day’s visit — once to attend her brother’s wedding and subsequently after her father died, The Hindu reported
Prison authorities have imposed 12 conditions during her parole period.

“No meetings with political leaders, no interviews to the media, no participation in public functions, signing of the register at the Sathuvachari police station and maintaining good conduct throughout the period.” Her advocate P. Pugalenthi said.

He added that arrangements for her daughter’s wedding were being expedited. The daughter is expected to fly from London after the arrangements are finalized, The Hindu reported.

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