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It was on November 2018, that Indian railways took a decision to remove ‘ladies only’ coaches from long-distance trains. Instead, it was decided that certain seats would be reserved for women, which can be identified with stickers.

But the issues have seemed to increase with the new rule.

” First of all, they used to provide a congested ladies compartment. It mostly is filled with passengers. I don’t understand what loss is Railways suffering from by adding an additional ladies compartment,” says Sujina who regularly depends on the train for travel.

Women passengers are also complaining that they feel unsafe during travel and that police help is not readily available. And as the police are not around, most people refuse to give away the seats to women even when it is reserved.

“It is such a pain to convince people to get up from a seat where ladies only sticker is imprinted. Why should we bear this torture? I get tired of quarrelling with people most of the days. It would have been really helpful if they reinstalled the ladies compartment,” says Anitha, who studies at a college in Kochi and travels regularly to her home in Calicut.


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