Supreme Court of India, ( Screen-grab copyrights: Hindustan Times)
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New Delhi:

The Supreme Court on Thursday agreed on a suggestion to screen a short clip on prevention of child abuse and prosecution of crimes against children in every movie hall and on television channels.

In a report submitted to the court, senior advocate V. Giri, an amicus curiae in the PIL registered by the court under the title “In re Alarming Rise in The Number of Reported Child Rape Incidents”, said: “A short clip intended to spread an awareness of the subject in general, namely, prevention of child abuse and prosecution of crimes against children, should necessarily be screened in every movie hall and could also be transmitted by various television channels at regular intervals.”

He also suggested to include child helpline number in this clip.

Agreeing to the suggestion, the court, in its order, said: “The following suggestions of the learned amicus curiae shall also be implemented by the Ministry of Women and Child Development through such agency as may be considered appropriate.”

The court directed the Chief Secretaries of all states and Union Territories to ensure that the above direction of the Court is complied with forthwith.

“We would expect our above-stated directions to be implemented and exclusively designated courts to try offences under the POCSO Act, in terms of the above directions, to start functioning within 60 days from the date of the present order,” the court said

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