Film Poster of 'Batla House, ( Courtesy: official Facebook page of Batla House)
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New Delhi:

Nikhil Advani’s latest film, Batla House, is an action thriller starring John Abraham as a cop. The actual Batla House encounter had taken place on September 19, 2008. The incident had occurred one week after five serial blasts in Delhi that had led to at least 30 deaths, reported National Herald.

“My sense of nationalism is very personal but at the same time, I feel it is a word that is misused a lot today in this whole feeling of patriotism. And if you can correct it somewhere by making a film or whatever then why not you should do that,” Advani told PTI in an interview.

“We are quick to blame Pakistan for all our problems. ‘Batla House’ shows the problem lies within our country also. What drew me to the subject was the basic idea that in all the outrage… this is black and this is white, the truth got lost. It is about knowing the truth,” he added.

The film, produced by Advani, Bhushan Kumar and John, will release on Independence Day. The movie also features Ravi Kishan and Mrunal Thakur, reported HuffPost.

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