Movie Poster of Comali, upcoming Tamil Film ( Courtesy: Facebook)
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Debutante filmmaker Pradeep Ranganthan found himself in the midst of a controversy when the trailer of his upcoming Comali starring Jayam Ravi was released on Saturday. The trailer features a scene where Jayam Ravi takes a supposed dig at Rajinikanth’s political announcement video, which later became the point of contention on social media. So much so that Rajini fans started trending #BoycottComali on Twitter, and asked the director to apologise for the same, reported The Hindu.

After receiving strong criticism from Rajanikanth fans, the makers have decided to cut the controversial scene from the movie, releasing on August 15.

“Rajini sir’s fans have expressed their displeasure about that particular scene. We don’t want to lose that section of the audience. Comali is a fun film and we don’t want any negativity around it. So, we’re removing that scene from the movie,” confirms Pradeep Ranganathan, in a telephonic chat with The Hindu.

The scene in question has Jayam Ravi waking up 16 years after being in a vegetative state. When he isn’t convinced that it’s 2016, Ravi’s friend (played by Yogi Babu) shows him a clip of Rajinikanth announcing his political entry. To which, Ravi quips, “Who are you trying to fool? Isn’t this from 1996?” In defence of the video, Pradeep says he was quite taken aback by the response and that the intention was never to “hurt or offend Rajini sir’s fans”. He adds, “Most of Rajini sir’s fans took it in a lighter vein. In fact, there was a fan who said, ‘I’m a die-hard Rajini fan, but I enjoyed the gag. That was the most liked comment on YouTube,” The Hindu reported.

“Rajini sir made a hint about getting into politics in 1996. We have a character who wakes up after being in a coma and realises that Rajini sir had finally taken the political plunge. That is what we tried to convey through that scene,” he says.

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