Medical Students were protesting against National Medical Commission Bill ( Screen grab courtesy: The Hindu)
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New Delhi:

The Indian Medical Association (IMA) has given a call for withdrawal of services in healthcare facilities across the country on August 8 to protest against certain provisions of the National Medical Commission (NMC) Bill, reported PTI.

The IMA said the core concern of the medical fraternity has been left unaddressed in the NMC Bill.

“The call is for all the modern medicine doctors to leave their work place across the sectors at all levels on August 8 from 6 AM to 6 AM (next day), medical students under IMA- Medical Student Network will continue their strike across the country,” it said.

The decision was taken at an emergency Extended Action Committee meeting convened at the IMA headquarters on Monday. The doctors’ body has also called for demonstrations and hunger strikes at its local branches and urged medical students to boycott classes and proclaim solidarity with the IMA, reported PTI.

“The NMC bill in its current form has some provisions that need to be amended before its enactment. The most pressing issues are the uncertainty over NEXT, and the regulation of community health practitioners and over centralisation of healthcare by the government. These are issues which affect both the medical fraternity and its students, as well as the public at large,” AIIMS SU said in a statement.

“Hence, the students have decided to boycott all academic activities and gather for mass demonstrations against poorly framed anti-public health NMC Bill,” it added.

“The NMC Bill 2019 is unacceptable to the medical fraternity in the current format. The community health providers envisaged in the bill is a direct threat to thousands and thousands of poor vulnerable marginalised rural patients. The health of the nation is at stake. We demand that the government of India engage the modern medical fraternity on meaningful dialogue and address the issue urgently,” the IMA said.

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