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The famous Chilkur Balaji shrine in Hyderabad symbolically launched a programme to form a ‘Jatayu Army’ on the temple premises to prevent atrocities against women and girls.

‘Jatayu’ is the divine giant eagle that dies while fighting Ravana to prevent him from abducting Goddess Sita in the mythological epic Ramayana.

“Special rituals were performed on sacred threads that were tied on the wrists of women and girls in the shrine, which marked the symbolic launch of ‘Jatayu Sena’an army for the protection of girls and women, Chilkur Balaji temple head priest,” C S Rangarajan said.

“Several male devotees took an oath to serve as members of the Jatayu sena. Men can join to become members of the Jatayu sena and they need to be proactive in preventing crimes against girls and women. The idea (for launching the ‘Jatayu Sena’) came from thousands of devotees who have been a part of a sensitisation campaign. The temple continues to sensitise society towards protecting girls and women from molesters and eve-teasers,” said Rangarajan.

“Jatayu Army formation is the new initiative, to protect women and girls from atrocities..we cannot allow any more rapes…Jatayu Army is the only solution,” he added.

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