Parvathy Thiruvoth, Malayalam Actress (Screen grab courtesy: Facebook)
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A fake Facebook page in the name of Parvathy Thiruvothu, Malayalam actor was used to post a malicious comment that said that people in the southern districts were not doing enough for the flood-affected in the northern state especially for Wayanad.

Responding to such negative campaigns, she posted on her page that the false information was spread through a fake Facebook page.

The actor posted on her page, “It has come to my notice that a profile claiming to be me has been sharing updates and information which is creating a lot of negativity, friction, and differences among our people at this time of distress. Please be informed that this is a fake profile and it’s unfortunate to watch such things being done in the name of regionalism and divides of all kinds when everyone is trying to stand together to survive this crisis our state is in. Let’s not spend our energies and time in negativity and hatred but channelize it for the greater good. Let’s please not share or spread any wrong or misleading information to our contacts. We had also tried reaching to the profile requesting them to cooperate and there has been no response. Hence, we felt it would be ideal to clarify this as it was leading to a lot of confusion and chaos. Thank you for your understanding! Let’s overcome this crisis this time again just like how we did last time… together!”

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