Protesters in Hong Kong (Screen grab credits and copyrights: China Morning Post)
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Hong Kong:

The Hong-Kong airport which was closed following the pro-democracy protests resumed its operations on Wednesday. Following the recent protests, hundreds of flights were cancelled or suspended as the passengers were barred from entering through the security gates.

Meanwhile, United States President Donald Trump informed that he was informed by US Intelligence that the Chinese government is moving soldiers to the Hong Kong border.

“Our Intelligence has informed us that the Chinese Government is moving troops to the Border with Hong Kong,” he tweeted. “Everyone should be calm and safe!” H

e further added that the situation in the city was tricky but called for it to be resolved “for liberty” without people getting hurt, according to The Guardian.

China has denounced the protests and condemned the attacks by what it has called “violent protestors” on a reporter from Chinese newspaper Global Times, The Guardian reported. China’s Hong Kong and Macao affairs office called the protests “near-terrorist acts”.

The protests had initially started against a bill that would allow extraditions to China.


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