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New Delhi:

Amazone will interact in Hindi soon. It has introduced an automated messaging assistant that can interact with the users in Hindi.

Amazon’s automated messaging assistant is essentially a chatbot that is powered by the company’s artificial intelligence (AI) based platform. It uses machine learning and natural language processing technologies for answering users’ queries in the language of their preference, that is Hindi, without requiring human interference, reported India Today.

“The conversations happen inside the messaging window where customers can naturally interact just as they would with a human and the chatbot seamlessly transitions to a human assistant within the same window, whenever necessary,” Amazon says.

“When customers interact with the Automated Assistant, it first predicts the most likely issue they are trying to contact us for, post which customers can ask questions related to their issue and receive faster resolutions. By offering the Automated Assistant in Hindi, we are taking a big step towards localizing our post-order experience for Indian customers.” Akshay Prabhu, Director, Customer Service, Amazon India said in a statement.

“The new chat assistant in Hindi underlines our commitment to serve the next 100 million Indians to discover and shop with Amazon,” he added.

At present this new facility is available only at android app.

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