Sonia Gandhi today unfurled the national flag at the Congress headquarters ( Courtesy: Facebook)
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New Delhi:

Sonia Gandhi today listed “bigotry” and “intolerance” among the challenges facing the country in her Independence Day message, delivered days after taking over as the Congress’s interim chief, saying that a “democratic and resilient” India has no place for such things, NDTV reported.

“A democratic and resilient India at 73 has no place for bigotry, superstition, sectarianism, fanaticism, racialism, intolerance or injustice, yet millions of fellow citizens encounter discrimination every day,” Mrs Gandhi was quoted by news agency PTI as saying.

She unfurled the national flag at the Congress headquarters. “The country had surged ahead exponentially in all arenas but at the core were the founding principles of “truth, nonviolence, compassion and unwavering patriotism,” she said.

“We must rise as a Nation to stand against every act of injustice, intolerance and discrimination to truly cherish our freedom,” she added.

“Religious intolerance has been imposed on the country ever since the BJP government came to power at the centre. The term had sparked a national debate,” the Congress alleged.

Mrs Gandhi was selected as the interim chief of Indian National Congress by the Congress Working Committee last week, after the resignation of Rahul Gandhi due to the failure in General Election.

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