Shehla Rashid (Screengrab, Courtesy: India Today)
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Jammu and¬†Kashmir People’s Movement leader Shehla Rashid alleged in a series of tweets that the Indian Army is torturing people in Kashmir.

In a series of tweets that she shared stating it as the things said by the people coming from Kashmir, she wrote: “In Shopian, 4 men were called into the Army camp and “interrogated” (tortured). A mic was kept close to them so that the entire area could hear them scream, and be terrorised.”

The army called Shehla’s accusations as baseless. However, in the past few days, the stories coming out from Kashmir are grim and challenges the official narrative given by the central government.

Shehla’s tweets real that the Army had been creating an atmosphere of panic and terror in the Kashmir Valley.

Here are the 10 tweets that Shehla posted revealing the situation in Kashmir:

1) Movement within Srinagar and to neighbouring districts is more or less permitted. Local press is restricted.

2) Cooking gas shortage has started to set in. Gas agencies are closed.

3) Gas stations open after 7 pm. Petrol & diesel is available in the city area. On highways, filling stations are open in some places.

4) Supplies available so far. You find baby food with difficulty. People have started running out of medicines now.

5) People are missing interview notifications because of total communication blackout. I’ve personally sent people to the homes of some candidates whose interview notices have arrived. Their friends can’t download it for them, because that requires an OTP that comes via text.

6) People who had satellite TV could watch the news till now. D2H subscriptions are expiring, and the only way to recharge is from outside the state. I’ve myself recharged D2H connections for a few people.

7) Officials going to different districts to review healthcare facilities

8) People are saying that J&K Police has no authority on law & order situation. They’ve been rendered powerless. Everything is in the hands of paramilitary forces. One SHO was transferred on the complaint of a CRPF man. SHOs carrying batons. Service revolvers can’t be seen on them.

9) Armed forces are entering houses at night, picking up boys, ransacking houses, deliberately spilling rations on the floor, mixing oil with rice, etc.

10) In Shopian, 4 men were called into the Army camp and “interrogated” (tortured). A mic was kept close to them so that the entire area could hear them scream, and be terrorised. This created an environment of fear in the entire area.



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