Manmohan Sing, former Prime Minister of India (Screen-grab copyrights: India Today)
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New Delhi:

“The 75th birth anniversary of ex-PM Rajiv Gandhi presents an opportunity to reflect on some of the “disturbing trends” that the country is witnessing, including the “growing incidence of violent crimes” by mobs who take the law in their own hands,” said former prime minister Dr Manmohan Singh.

He was speaking in a public gathering organised by the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation to present the “Rajiv Gandhi Janma Pancha Sapthathi Puraskar” to those who have made valuable contributions to society in the last decade.

“Another cause for solemn reflection today is some disturbing trends that our country has been witnessing over the past few years. These unpleasant trends of growing intolerance, communal polarization, growing incidence of violent crimes propelled by hatred of certain groups and mobs taking the law in their own hands can only damage our polity.”

“They are repugnant to the promotion of peace, national integration and communal harmony, which are cherished objectives enshrined in our Constitution. All of us need to reflect on how we can contribute to arresting these trends,” he said.

“He was the one who truly set the direction for equipping our nation for entering the new millennium with a progressive, modern and scientific outlook,” he added.

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