Gauri and Nainika, Indian Designers ( Courtesy: Gauri and
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Gauri & Nainika, famous designers believe in the concept of power dressing has been associated with women to aid empowerment but going ahead fashion cannot be bound into the binaries of gender.

“Women have traditionally been associated with feminine glamour and it is about breaking that mould and the conditioning that women would only wear pretty frocks so obviously to emphasise on women empowerment there is something known as power dressing,” said Nainika Karan along with Gauri, Lakme Fashion Week Winter/Festive 2019 as Grand Finale designers.

“In today’s age it’s a very interesting question in male dressing as well, we see that there is a lot of crossovers, there is a hint of femininity and you will see women’s wear in androgyny style. I don’t think fashion could be gender-specific anymore. There are a lot of fashion designers out there who put out designs where we can’t tell whether it’s for a man or woman, both are wearing them on the ramp,” Nainika says.

“Everyone is breaking that notion. Nowadays we see everyone on the ramp. Women of all colours, gender, and size. That’s the spirit of the moment which needs to be captured and brought to the runway and we absolutely love it,” she adds.

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