Anti-extradition bill protesters march to demand democracy and political reforms, in Hong Kong, China August 18, 2019. (Screen-grab, Courtesy: Reuters)
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Hong Kong protesters cut down a “smart” lamppost used for facial recognition, and police officers fired tear gas at large crowds this weekend as anti-government protests continue. Over 29 have been arrested in the pro-democracy movement.

29 arrests were made on Sunday under the charge of possessing “offensive weapons”, assaulting police officers and unlawful assembly. The police fired tear-gas shells to disperse the demonstrators.

“Reclaim Hong Kong, revolution of our era!” the protestors chanted, according to The Guardian. “I want genuine universal suffrage! Retract the evil law!”

The violent unrest began against a proposed extradition bill and had evolved to be a pro-democracy movement. Why? precisely because people there believe that the special powers enjoyed by them would be taken away by China.

“The more the government ignores us, the more we have to come out,” Peggy Tai, a protestor, told the newspaper. “Police violence has stepped up and teargas seems so commonplace now.”

“However bleak our future is, we are trying to express ourselves rationally,” a man identified as Peter told the agency before the clashes began. “We have faith in ourselves and we have faith in our city that someday our demands will be answered.” The MTR stations near the scene of protests remained shut.

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