Jammu and Kashmir Governor Satya pal Malik ( Screen grab courtesy: Hindustan Times)
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Defending the narrative of the central government, Jammu and Kashmir governor Satya Pal Malik on Sunday said that there is no shortage of anything in Kashmir. He also supported the security clampdown and said that the government’s priority was to ensure no loss of lives.

“There is no shortage of anything [essential commodities and medicines] in Kashmir,” Malik told reporters in response to a question.

“In fact we delivered meat, vegetables and eggs to people’s homes on Eid [August 12], and there was no problem. Your opinion will change in 10 to 15 days.”

When asked about the detentions of political leaders in the state, Malik said: “In all the crises that have happened in Kashmir in the past, at least 50 people used to die in the first week itself. Our attitude is such that there should be no loss of human lives. Dus din telephone nahi honge, nahi honge [If that means there is no telephone service for 10 days, it’s okay], but we will restore everything very soon.”

On Saturday, the administration said the day-time restrictions had been lifted from 69 police station areas in the Kashmir Valley and 81 police station areas in the Jammu region. Traffic movement increased on Saturday and attendance in offices was better, the government said.

Meanwhile, speaking about the Kashmir crisis, Priyanka Gandhi asked, “How long is this going to continue?”

“This is one out of millions of people who are being silenced and crushed in the name of ‘Nationalism’. For those who accuse the opposition of ‘politicising’ this issue: There is nothing more ‘political’ and ‘anti-national’ than the shutting down of all democratic rights that is taking place in Kashmir.”

She added that it was the duty of “every one of us to raise our voices against it” and the Congress would not stop doing so.

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