Pakistan President Arif Alvi, (Screengrab, Courtesy: Labanon News)
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Pakistan President Arif Alvi said that India is playing with fire by abrogation of article 370 and also warned that it will eventually “burn the secularity” of the Indian state.

Alvi also had said that the issue can’t be solved internally and has requested the intervention of the international community.

“How many years have passed?” asked the president of Pakistan. “Can the world remain quiet and keep on pushing the two parties to talk when one party doesn’t want to talk?”

“I think India is going on a road which is very dangerous, agitating its own Muslim population,” he added.

Alvi also reiterated that Pakistan doesn’t want a war but its the country’s right to defend if India starts one. He also took into consideration the possibility of a false flag operation like what happened in Pulwama from the Indian side.

“I think there is a hegemonistic intent to swallow Kashmir [but] it won’t happen,” he added.

Meanwhile, in a recent interview, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan said that he would no longer try to hold a discussion with the Indian government.

Khan said there was no scope for dialogue with India as his previous attempts had been ignored. Last week, he had expressed concerns about the safety of nuclear weapons “in the control of the fascist, racist, Hindu supremacist Modi government”.

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