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“Researchers in National Institute of Advanced Studies (NIAS) is conducting a study correlating mortality and morbidity data with pollution,” said Professor Sheela K Ramasesha, principal scientist, Energy and Environment Research, NIAS.

As per her observation, when the city keeps expanding, people are tearing down not-so-old buildings only to construct new ones in its place, which is only creating construction dust and affecting people’s health.

“A ban is needed for bringing down houses that are less than 20 years old. Road dust from construction is one of the major forms of pollution in the city, and cement dust comprises silica, which is harmful. Vehicular pollution, wherein sand lorries, even as old as 50 years, give out huge amounts of smoke, can be smelt inside houses and affect air quality. Since the power situation is bad, every institution has generators that burn a lot of diesel, causing pollution,” she said.

“There is no last-mile connectivity now. Planning for Metro stations has to be done in a better manner. With this, traffic issues will reduce, and overall health will improve,” she said.

The study will take three years to be completed and is aided by the Ministry of Earth Sciences.

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