The school students with their teachers in the airport ( Credits: Twitter)
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The dreams of 20 under-privileged school children to travel by air came true on Monday as they embarked on a journey to New Delhi from here on Monday.

The Airports Authority of India (AAI) organised an education tour for 20 underprivileged school students under its corporate social responsibility scheme and the children boarded an Air Asia flight Guwahati to Delhi.

“I had visited these children at the nearby Garal community centre and assured them that they could be taken for an air trip if the school management allowed,” said Sanjeev Jindal, North-Eastern Region Regional Executive Director of AAI

“Their dream to fly is now a reality and it gives me immense pleasure,” Jindal said.

“The Garal community centre, near Guwahati Airport, is being constructed under AAI’s CSR scheme for Rs 2.37 crore, AAI is always concerned for the people affected by airport projects and we are striving to connect privileged with unprivileged people in and around airports,” he added.

A group of 30 people including students and the teachers are visiting Delhi and will come back in the next day.

Popular Assamese actress Barsha Rani Bishaya welcomed the children in the airport and handed over boarding passes to them.

“I am feeling privileged to be a part of this initiative,” she said.

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