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Hearing the plea filed by Anuradha Bhasin, the executive editor of the regional newspaper, Kashmir Times, the Supreme Court asked the Centre to file a reply in seven days.

In her writ petition filed on 10th August against the communication blackout in Kashmir, Bhasin seeks immediate relaxation of all restrictions on mobile, internet and landline services. It had also demanded a relaxation of restrictions on the free movement of journalists and media personnel in the state.

Press Council of India had sought permission from Supreme Court to intervene in this case.

In its petition, the Press Council supported the communication blackout and said it was “in the interest of the integrity and sovereignty of the nation”.

Yesterday, Editors Guild had condemned how PCI had handled the issue.

“This, at a time when reporters on the ground are being targeted for doing their job,” the statement read.

“Specifically the Guild expects the chairman of the Press Council of India to rescind his unilateral decision, apparently without consulting Council members, to intercede in a case in the Supreme Court concerning extreme and unrelenting restrictions placed on the media in Jammu and Kashmir.”

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