Detention doctor in Srinagar, (Screen grab credits and copyrights: BBC)
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An association of Indian doctors on Wednesday condemned the detention of a urologist, named Omar Salim in Jammu and Kashmir’s capital Srinagar two days ago while he was speaking to the media about a health crisis in the state.

“Even though he was released, later on, his detention violates the human rights of the patients to get healthcare and the doctor to provide healthcare without any threat,” said Indian Doctors for Peace and Development.

“The health of people in the state would undoubtedly be affected after being under siege for 24 days now. Healthcare professionals were not prohibited from reaching out to patients anywhere else in the world,” said The Indian doctors’ association.

In his address to the media, Salim had highlighted the condition of his patients, who he claimed were not getting the required treatment because of restrictions in the region.

“This is a criminal act on the part of the government and violation of all international conventions on healthcare. In such a situation when the supply of the drugs in shortage the patients are bound to suffer. It also cautioned about an increase in cases of malnourishment because of lack of regular income, and appealed to the government to ease the restrictions immediately,” a group of 18 doctors had published a letter in British Medical Journal, voicing similar concerns.

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