Poster of Thaalam, ( Credits and copyrights: Twitter)
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Veteran music composer A.R. Rahman, who associated with Bharatbala on the popular song “Vande Mataram”, has launched “Thaalam” for the filmmaker. It has been supported by Malayalam film star Dulquer Salmaan.

“Virtual Bharat” a concept by Bharathbala, is a vision for contemporary India in the form of 1000 short films. The first film, “Thaalam” better known as the Kerala boat race, was released on Wednesday on YouTube.


“Thalam” is a Malayalam word, which means rhythm.

“At the boat races of Kerala, none of them is a professional athlete they are like you and me, fishermen, farmers, postmen, shopkeepers, school teachers. To row as one, they need more than just speed and talent. They need to find Thaalam. What is Thaalam? A foundation of music, a message for all, a heartbeat, a rhythm. Imagine India on a boat”, said Rahman.

“I would like to start a big shout out to India from the people of Kerala. ‘Thaalam’ is rhythm. The rhythm of a nation. Let’s find our Thaalam as a nation together! I am proud to be a part of ‘Thaalam’, the first film of a 1000 film journey of India by Virtual Bharat, presented by Bharatbala,” Dulquer told.

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