Protesters in Hong Kong (Screen grab credits and copyrights: China Morning Post)
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Hong Kong:

The Hong Kong Police have arrested pro-democracy activists Joshua Wong, Agnes Chow, and Andy Chan on suspicion of organising “illegal protests”, Reuters reported.

The police said, “Wong and Chow, both 22 years old, were arrested for organising unauthorised assembly and knowingly participating in the unauthorised assembly.”

They were arrested a day after Chan, who founded the Hong Kong National Party last year, was arrested from the international airport for allegedly participating in riots and “attacking police” on July 13.

The arrests came after the police banned a massive rally by a civil rights group on Saturday. The rally was to coincide with the fifth anniversary of China’s rejection of the right to universal suffrage in Hong Kong. The rejection had led to the 79-day Umbrella Movement in 2014, AFP reported.

“It will only make the government misjudge the public, leading to a deadly situation that is more difficult to resolve,” said Demosisto, condemning the arrests.

“We arrested 29 people after overnight demonstrations against the Chinese government. The protestors were detained for allegedly possessing offensive weapons, assaulting police officers and unlawful assembly,” said the Hong Kong Police.

However, the protests continued that day. “Reclaim Hong Kong, the revolution of our era!” the protestors chanted. Around 850 people have been arrested since June.

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