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Humanoid robots to teach students and interact with them as teachers do, at Indus International School in Bengaluru.

“Our robots impart lessons daily in five subjects to about 300 students in Classes 7-9 in four sections by turns. They also interact with them and respond to questions in the subjects,” Indus International School’s chief design officer, Vignesh Rao, told IANS

“We have programmed the interactive robots to answer questions students frequently ask on the subjects and related to them. With AI in play, the robots are able to respond to questions and doubts of our wards after a lesson is taught,” said Rao.

“The AI-enabled robots teach lessons in Biology, Chemistry, Geography, History and Physics to Classes 7-9. As per the Collaborative Learning Model (CLM), the man-machine team, comprising a teacher, students and the robot, collaborate in the classroom to deliver a lesson. The teacher collaborates with the robot and brings out the key concepts, relevance and application of the lesson being taught,” he added.

The school is also applying for an international patent to protect the IP (intellectual property) of its Eagle 2.0 version humanoid robot.

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