Santhosh Kurup ( CEO of ICT Academy Kerala) ( Copyrights: Facebook)
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CEO of ICT Academy Kerala, Santhosh Kurup posted on Facebook about the setback of Chandrayaan-2, India’s Mission to the Moon.

“We lost the communication to Vikram . But …

GSLV MK III which was used to lift off Chandrayaan worked perfect – this will power many more missions including our Gaganyan in future. The Oribtor that is still live will continue it’s experiments , which will continue to produce valuable inputs to the world. We have indeed dropped our unmanned vehicle into the southern pole of the moon , which is first !

Good job ISRO – we are proud of you! We might have missed the last mile, but for us such defeats are the catapults for scaling more heights !
P.S : we never know, we may hear – ‘hey I am here’ from Vikram one day…”

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