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A Muslim family, travelling from Kannauj to Aligarh for medical treatment, was attacked by a mob at the Aligarh railway station on Wednesday. The injured were admitted to the J.N. Medical College by the GRP personnel.

According to a GRP spokesman, some passengers were travelling to Aligarh in the Mau-Anand Vihar train when a dispute started leading to violence when they got off the train.

According to victims, around 20-25 people attacked them as they got off the train at the Aligarh station on Wednesday. The men belonged to some organisation as they all had the same type of ‘gamcha’ (scarves) wrapped around their necks and were carrying identical ID cards, they alleged.

The GRP spokesman said the victims’ statement had been recorded and required action would be taken.

The family alleged the policemen at the railway station were making a video of the incident on their mobile phones instead of saving them. After the mob left, the police took the injured to the hospital. Some members of the family reportedly received serious head injuries.

While some described the incident as a case of communal violence, the police were non-committal and the Deputy SP denied that it was a case of mob lynching.

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