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As his statement turned controversial, Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Wednesday claimed that he never spoke of imposing Hindi over the speakers of other regional languages.

“I had only requested for learning Hindi as the second language after one’s mother tongue,” Shah said.

Home Minister Amit Shah on Saturday had appealed to people to use Hindi so that Gandhi’s and Patel’s idea of one language comes true. He also said on the occasion of Hindi Diwas that Hindi is the language which can keep India united.

“People should hear my speech properly. If they want to do politics, it is their choice, but my speech should be reheard to clear the confusion,” Shah clarified while addressing the crowd at Hindustan Purvodaya 2019  in Jharkhand’s capital Ranchi.

In an attempt to explain himself, Shah said that he himself hails from the non-Hindi speaking state of Gujarat.

Shah added that his intention was to keep Hindi as a second language.

“There should be one language in the country, if you want to learn a second language then let it be Hindi, this was my request. I don’t understand why it was found offensive.”

He also said that he had always stood for the development of regional languages.

“I have repeatedly said that the Indian languages should be strengthened and their necessity must be understood,” he added.

“A child will only do well if taught in its mother tongue, which is not necessarily Hindi. It can also be the regional language like Gujarati.”

Politicians within BJP and opposition had slammed Amit Shah’s statement.

DMK Postpones Protest

DMK under the leadership of MK Stalin had called for a language protest on September 20th. However, in the wake of Amit Shah’s clarification, the party has postponed the same.

Stalin pointed out that Shah had said he had been “wrongly understood”. The DMK leader, however, added that his party would oppose any attempt to impose Hindi.

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