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Governor Jay Inslee of the US state of Washington and Attorney General Bob Ferguson have vowed to challenge President Donald Trump’s move to prevent some states from enforcing more stringent vehicle emission standards.

“If the Trump administration has its way, Washingtonians will be left with fewer options for cleaner, more efficient cars that get more gas mileage or use no gas at all. That means driving would cost more and pollute more,” said the two Washington leaders.

Trump tweeted on Wednesday that he would revoke a federal waiver that enabled California to set stricter standards for vehicle emissions, insisting that the move would ultimately produce “far less expensive” and safer cars, reports Xinhua news agency.

Washington has joined 10 other states to adopt California standards developed through a waiver to the 1970 federal Clean Air Act, which allowed them to enforce stricter separate law on vehicle emissions.

“With this unlawful move, the Trump administration has once again demonstrated its callous disregard for the state’s right to protect Washingtonians from the catastrophic effects of climate change,” Ferguson said.

“This rule would hurt our pocketbooks, our health, our environment and our communities. We will not allow the Trump administration’s dangerous policies to harm Washingtonians,” he added.

Inslee said Washingtonians deserve better than Trump’s “dangerous anti-environment policy”.

He also pledged to push for zero emissions of vehicles in Washington.

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