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The alliance of Students Federation of India (SFI), Ambedkar Students’ Association (ASA), Dalit Students’ Union (DSU) and Tribal Students Forum (TSF) raced to victory in the elections held to form Students Union at University of Hyderabad. The alliance took back the power from BJP’s student’s wing ABVP.

Abhishek Nandan of SFI was elected as the president with 2,205 votes. Gopi Swamy of ASA won the General Secretary post with 2039 votes. A total of 4200 students had participated in the election process.

Other members of the Union are:

Vice President- Sree Charan (DSU): 1843 votes

Joint Secretary- Rathod Pradeep  (TSF): 2040 votes

Cultural Secretary: Priyanka Badrasetty (ASA): 1898 votes

Sports Secretary: Sohel Ahamed (SFI): 1776 votes

“ASA believes that the mandate attained through the victory is a reassurance of the student community towards the struggle seeking Justice for Rohith Vemula, and the struggles against exclusionary policies of the BJP-led Centre in higher educational institutions. As this is the last year Appa Rao is in office, we believe that this victory will also help make our voices against him louder, in academic council and elsewhere,” responded ASA in a statement released through Facebook.

Comrade Abhishek Nandan addressing to media after a massive victory in HCU – SU 2019-20 Elections….#HCUSU #HCUSUElections2019 #SFI #DYFITelangana

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Responding to media, Abhishek Nandan said, “This historic mandate is against the RSS and ABVP, who are trying to curb dialogue on campus. The ABVP in its term didn’t protest at all when there was a fee hike or when there were attempts to privatise the university. Further, the RSS tried to capture the institution and made attempts to attack campus democracy, for which the students gave their answer.”

This year, ASA had parted ways with Students Islamic Organisation (SIO) and Muslim Students Federation (MSF) as the alliance was not ready to accommodate Muslim students groups. They together had formed the MSF-Fraternity alliance which contested the elections with the slogan “One step away from Muslim is one step closer to fascism.”

Jiyad Hussain who had contested for the post of Vice President from MSF-Fraternity alliance managed to secure 500 votes. In the post-election speech Jiyad responded,” Mister comrade, you are mistaken. You don’t know who is here, you don’t know who you are kidding! We are with our self-respect. We have decided to celebrate our izzat!”

Last year, ABVP led-alliance had won all the major posts.

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