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In an attempt to protect the green covers in the urban centre, Kochi joins Cities4Forests project in collaboration with World Resources Institute (WRI), Pilot Projects and Revolve.

Cities4Forests is a movement to catalyze political, social, and economic support among city governments and urban residents to integrate the inner, nearby, and faraway forests into city development plans and programs. Participants share an aspiration to help reduce deforestation, restore forests (including more trees in cities), and manage forests more sustainably.

“Kochi had always been enthusiastic to work with WRI. As we talked about the project, Kochi corporation was happy to join,” said Jaya Dhindaw, Director of WRI India while responding to The Woke Journal.

Kochi, File Photo (The Woke Journal)

“For Kochi right now, awareness is quite high since there had been two flood incidents back to back. What we are hence trying to do in Kochi is providing technical assistance on mitigation, emission of greenhouse gases, planting trees with planning near heat pockets etc,” adds her.

A total of 60 cities in now part of the project of which Kochi is the only city from India.

“We need to think of a sustainable urban core, for our children, for the future. Urban forests represent diversity and sustainability. Kochi is committed to protect and conserve its natural heritage consisting of the green cover and water resources. We strive to be an inclusive and resilient community,” responded Soumini Jain, Mayor of Kochi.

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