Paulo in Conversation with Students of Tattwa
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Students of Tattwa Learning Centre had their wishes fulfilled as the five-day art workshop, ‘The Wishing Tree’ concluded at Girinagar on Friday. The project which emphasized the need to sensitise children on environmental degradation through art was led by media artist Paulo Cesar Teles, a faculty of the University of Campinas and Rosana Bernardo, who is a faculty of Aldeia Akatu Primary School. Both artists are from Brazil.

The Wishing Tree, File Photo (Copyrights: The Woke Journal)

The five-day project culminated in an installation referred to as “The Wishing Tree.” So what is Wishing Tree? This installation is a tree made of waste materials including tubes, pipes, cloth, and pap.

The children, on the other hand, had drawn their dreams and wishes which was turned into animation and audio recordings by Paulo. As the tree is activated, the animation and conversations come alive.

“It was a privilege to be part of The Wishing Tree project. This was a unique experience wherein I could work along with the kids to put up an installation that combined art and craft along with consciousness regarding sustainable living and empathy towards nature,” responded Gita Menon, one of the faculty members to The Woke Journal.

‘The Wishing Tree’ has been envisaged as an international project covering countries like Namibia, India, and Japan. It focuses on the importance of art in our daily lives and the need to reduce the use of non-biodegradable items.

Paulo also wishes to collect the Wishing Trees from the various countries in one place, along with the teachers, to create a Wishing Forest someday.

“This school has a special way in which they teach the students. The students whom I interacted with at Tattwa were very smart, interactive and clever. It was a pleasure to work with them. The students were suggesting creative solutions. I’m leaving Kochi with a positive feeling,” responded Paulo to The Woke Journal.

A student at Tattwa during the Workshop, File Photo (Copyrights: The Woke Journal)

The project uses art as a medium to heighten social, ethical and ecological awareness.

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