EKM Rescue Volunteers at the trial run of Ignite
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It was one year back, during the deluge in Kerala, that Nithya Venugopal started a WhatsApp group called EKM Rescue Volunteers. However, as the relief and recovery operations came to an end, the group with 200 odd members decided to continue the services that they were providing. Today, they are on their way to be registered as an NGO ‘Koode.’

While they undertook an array of activities to aid the distressed during floods a year back, at present, they provide assistance in education and medical sector specifically.

Responding to Woke Journal, Anand Bhaskar one of the admins and co-founders of EKM Rescue Volunteers said, “Post-floods we realised that the group can still extend its assistance to those in distress. We had a lot of volunteers, had contacts of doctors, and that’s how we decided to help those in need of medical aid in rural areas. Everyone in the group now knows each other and provide aide in whichever way that they can.”

“We also have decided to extend our support to those students who can’t continue their studies due to financial trouble. Currently, we are sponsoring 5 students,” Anand added.

Poster of Ignite

‘Ignite’ to teach students

Taking up another suggestion that came up in the group, EKM Rescue Volunteers on 8th October launched a programme called Ignite wherein volunteers would take classes for school-going students to teach them the basics of a subject. Mainly they are targetting students coming from rural areas.

“Our volunteers visit the area and spend nearly 3 to 5 hours there during weekends and teach them according to their requirements. We have around 50 students and 15 dedicated volunteers as of now. We are planning to take up 1000 students by next June,” he said.

A mobile application is also underway wherein anyone who would like to teach during free hours can register themselves as a volunteer with ‘Koode’ and extend their services.

Activities of the group found by Nithya is co-ordinated by Mohammed Rishal, Anand Bhasker and Dr Latha Anand.

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