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Smile Makers, an NGO based at Cochin University of Science and Technology (CUSAT) along with DATRI, the largest blood stem cell registry of the country, and St. Teresa’s College, Ernakulam conducted a Blood Stemcell Registration Drive – ‘Represent 2.0.’

The event was conducted to support the siblings-Faizy, Faiha and Faaiz who suffer from Thalassemia Major. They hail from Mattanchery and are the kids of Mubarak and Nisha.

“The children require blood transfusion every 14 days. And the only solution to this problem is a stem cell transplant. Faizy has had more than 100 blood transfusions in just 6 years,” Sanoob Sidiq, president of Smile Makers said while responding to The Woke Journal. 

“Many people have the misconception that this is a painful process. But all it takes is just two minutes and a few cotton buds. If we get matching cells, the person can donate the stem cells,” he added.

The stem cells of the parents did not match with that of the kids. While the father’s stem cell was a partial match, doctors have asked them not to proceed with it. Faizy’s surgery is scheduled in January.

The registration drive, began at 10 am at St. Theresa’s college saw wide participation. The program was inaugurated by cine artist and designer Poornima Indrajith. The event went on until 6 in the evening.

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