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New Delhi:

The death penalty to the four remaining convicts in the Nirbhaya gangrape case will soon be carried out if not challenged before the President within seven days, Tihar jail authorities said.

The Tihar Jail administration has issued a notice to the convicts in this regard.

“Three of the four convicts are lodged in Tihar jail while the fourth convict is in Mandoli’s jail number 14. The Delhi High Court as well as Supreme Court have upheld the death sentence slapped by the trial court,” Sandeep Goel, Director General, Tihar Jail, told IANS.

The convicts could have filed a petition challenging the death penalty and also a review petition. However, all the convicts have not sought a review of the sentence.

They could have prayed for mercy from the President seeking commutation of death sentence to life imprisonment.

“All the four convicts have not taken a step seeking a commutation of capital punishment into any other sentence. The jail has notified them,” Goel said.

“Tihar Jail and Mandoli jail authorities handed over notices to the convicts on October 28. It has been made clear to the convicts that they can file a mercy plea before the President within seven days if they seek a review of the death sentence,” said sources.

Sources said the convicts have become restless after receiving the notices.

“The Tihar Jail authorities will have to inform the trial court that has slapped the death penalty on the convicts. So, we have notified them that the legal process will take its toll in case a mercy plea is not filed,” Goel said.

He concluded that if a mercy plea is not filed, the jail administration will inform the trial court, following which a death warrant will be issued to the convicts. The death warrant will authorise the execution of the convicts.

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